A New Employee Environment: Best Practices HR in Creative Industries

Like never before, the creative and agency worlds are checking in on leadership behavior. And news headlines as of late affirm the need to address a troubling trend.

In this light, Wendy Murphy, head of our Chief Human Resources Practice, Trish Shortell, head of our Marketing Services Practice, and Margaret Regan, president and chief executive officer of the The FutureWork Institute, have teamed up to offer groundbreaking advice to talent leaders in the advertising, marketing, and creative industries.

In their new and timely feature, “A New Employee Environment: Best Practices HR in Creative Industries“, Murphy, Shortell, and Regan write:

The dismissive attitude toward the value of best practices HR, pervasive in so many industries, is shortsighted and ill-suited to today’s business climate. The human capital function has been historically undervalued – the general consensus, especially in professional services businesses has been, “if it is not directly aligned to revenue, then it is a dispensable function.”  This attitude puts companies at risk. Enough pointing the finger. What we need now is to move toward solution.

To read the full Q&A, click here.

A New Employee Environment

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