Board Recruiting

Each member of our Board Practice has, on average, more than fourteen years of board search and advisory experience. We are experts in:

  • Identifying candidates who meet our clients’ strict criteria
  • Ensuring candidates fit in well from a chemistry and cultural standpoint
  • Assessing a candidate’s ability to be an effective and value-added director

Committed to Diversity

We continue to complete diversity assignments for a wide variety of companies, from small private family companies to Fortune 500s. In 2019, 94% of our board placements were either a woman and/or ethnically diverse. While these placements were diverse, they were also the most qualified candidates. We are proud to play a role in this important imperative, and excited for our clients who are making progress in diversity by adding female and ethnically diverse executives, board directors and trustees to their ranks.

Uninterrupted track record of success.

The broad spectrum of corporations we work with demands candidates from an equally wide variety of industry backgrounds, domestic and international leadership roles, functional capabilities, and geographic, ethnic and gender criteria. In completing board assignments to these standards, we have an impressive success rate.

Our search efforts are aided by fresh research and our continuously updated database of more than 50,000 active and retired executives, government officials and academicians. Our ever-expanding senior level sourcing network cuts across corporate America and the leading international corporate centers.

A partner leads every search.

A senior member of the firm leads every engagement and handles all candidate identification, assessment and references, and client interaction. Our searches are never handed off to a junior staff member. Our industry practice groups bring additional knowledge to the matter as needed.

No internal competition for candidates.

At any given time, we conduct a limited and distinct number of search assignments. Our new engagement review and acceptance process ensures there will be no client competition for candidates.

Collaborative and execution-focused culture.

We operate within a culture — and with a compensation system — that places immense emphasis on collaboration, superior execution and results. For instance, at the beginning of each search, every senior member of the firm provides their input regarding potential candidates and sourcing ideas.


  • Recruit one or more directors
  • Build new boards
  • Evaluate existing board dynamics
  • Create advisory boards
    1. Advise on corporate governance
    2. Advise on succession planning
    3. Conduct extensive board experience and skill set gap analysis

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