Book Review of “Heads”

 by Steve Amoia,  American Chronicle

Mr. Reynolds has penned an intriguing memoir of his extraordinary life in the executive search world. He discussed a privileged upbringing in Greenwich, Connecticut, his education at Phillips Exeter Academy and Yale, along with his military experience and early years at J.P. Morgan. This background information helps the reader to understand the forces that shaped Mr. Reynolds’ long and successful career at two firms that bear his name.

“I feel particularly fortunate to have decided to go into this business when I was in my thirties. It has provided me, and, I hope, hundreds of colleagues, a fascinating insight into what life is all about. Every search assignment is different and represents a new challenge. Being in the search business is like reading an exciting novel with a list of fascinating characters, and so far I’ve been unable to put that novel down. The best part about being in the search business is that it doesn’t feel like work. It is pure pleasure. “

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— Russell S. Reynolds, Jr., author of “Heads”, published in 2012 by McGraw-Hill with a list price of $28.

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