Chief Marketing Officer to Chief Community Officer to Chief Curating Officer?

by Bradford L. McLane

Only one year ago we started seeing the Chief Marketing Officer role evolve and embrace many aspects of social media, thus creating what we and a few others called the Chief Community Officer role. We are now envisioning another permutation – Chief Curating Officer. What does this mean? Having abundant choice is all well and good, until it becomes mind numbing. The marketer as curator is the one who can make sense of all this and deliver a distilled and concise message to a well-defined audience who will act on it. Think of Amazon’s ability to suggest that “you might like ‘this’, because you, and others like you, like ‘that’” or Safeway’s loyalty program that evolves based on your actual buying behavior. Creepy? Perhaps. But it certainly can simplify life and allow one to redirect energy to more meaningful pursuits than trolling the grocery aisles or clipping coupons.

And of course, there is still a senior marketing officer path that leads from brand management to general management that completely side steps the marketing “branches” noted above.

Changing Role of the CMO

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The role of CMO

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