Ed Fowler Observes Positive Hiring Trends in Compliance

Ed Fowler, Managing Director in the Asset Management practice at RSR Partners, recently contributed to an article about compliance hiring in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, published by Ignites.

Some recruiters interviewed for the article noted that Covid-19 has “pushed shops to pump the brakes on hiring compliance professionals.” However, Ed observed that, “as the logjams begin to break, some shops are looking for specialists to add to their compliance teams, who can monitor for breaches in liquidity or exposure limits during volatile conditions.”

“This is definitely an area I’ve seen more action broadly over the last few years, and at this particular moment, we seem to be getting more calls about it,” he states. It also helps when legal and compliance officers can “come on board and begin adding value relatively quickly,” filling in any holes with their expertise. Ed also noted that members of an investment team, on the other hand, typically need at least a few months to become familiar with the group’s strategies and portfolios.

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