Evolving Role of the CFO

In the April – June 2015 issue of Risk & Compliance magazine, three of our managing directors – Bruce Robertson, Graham Michener, and Jeffrey von der Schulenburg – are contributors to a feature roundtable, “Evolving Role of the CFO”.

Download the roundtable paper.

Robertson writes, “In terms of the development of the CFO role over the past decade, strategy has been a leading driver. According to a recent CFO data survey of Fortune 1000 CFOs conducted by the Consero Group, 81 percent felt they worked at companies that viewed their operation as a “strategic business partner”, involving the CFO in key decision-making as never before. And the role is certainly becoming less controller and FPA-focused. Businesses today need a CFO that understands companies, products, technology, digital transformation, business intelligence and sales effectiveness.”

Michener goes on to state, “The threats that CFOs need to address today and tomorrow necessitate that they become knowledgeable about how to manage technology risk. Technological advances have come both with tremendous operational scale opportunities and with lurking threats to company infrastructure and confidential information. As company records become increasingly electronic-only, there is a heightened risk of losing valuable data records through cyber theft or simple platform failure. Cyber security and proper data management policies, therefore, are critical. Thus, the CFO-CTO relationship and lines of communication have never been more important.”

Evolving Role of the CFO

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