Executive-search CEO coaches his team to success

Brett Stephens, our chief executive officer, was profiled in the Greenwich Time this week for the paper’s “Behind the Suits” column, a bi-weekly feature series highlighting executives who live or work in Greenwich, their advice for others in the business world, and what they do to achieve success.

In her piece, “Executive-search CEO coaches his team to success“, business reporter Kaitlyn Krasselt writes:

If Brett Stephens weren’t in business, he’d be a history teacher.

“I’ve always been fascinated by lessons of the past,” Stephens said. “I’m drawn to the experiences of older people.”

While he may not be a teacher in the traditional sense of the word, Stephens, who grew up in Greenwich with his parents teaching at Brunswick School and Stanwich School, is now the CEO of Greenwich-based executive-search firm RSR Partners and has developed a leadership style he says is directly tied to his parents’ careers.

“I see myself as a servant leader,” Stephens said. “I’ve taken the lessons from my roots and my family of teachers, and I see myself as a teacher or coach. I feel it is my responsibility to help people reach their potential. I’m very hands on, I’m very open, very inclusive and very conscientious.”

RSR Partners is an executive-search consulting firm with clients in an array of industries and functions. Stephens has been the recruiting firm’s CEO for two years and said he knew at an early age — certainly influenced by Greenwich’s thriving financial sector and the lifestyle to which his friends and peers were accustomed — a career in business was where he saw himself. He said he’s been fortunate to find a niche he’s passionate about and supports the values he learned from his parents, particularly his father. As the son of a competitive tennis player and coach, Stephens grew up as part of a team.

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