From Board Member to Board Practice Leader – Why?

In his latest LinkedIn post, Christopher Clark, publisher of NACD Directorship magazine, asked a very pointed question of Greg Lau, head of our Board Advisory Practice: “From Board Member to Board Practice Leader – Why?”

Lau responded:

“Having served on the boards of WorldatWork, General International Ltd., GMAC Insurance Holdings, and certainly NACD has afforded me many great opportunities to serve and to learn. Those experiences added expertise to my background  that I would otherwise not have. There came a point, however, when I decided it was time to lead.

After being a practitioner of corporate governance for more than 35 years, I was convinced that the next logical step in my career was to share my knowledge not with just my fellow directors, but with corporations in need. Helping them navigate the rules of road in the boardroom and beyond has been incredibly rewarding thus far…”

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