How Agile Leadership Can Improve Board Governance

The immense pressure on company boards to be more active and involved in developing and executing strategy will only intensify with today’s dynamic, innovative economy. Board positions are no longer seen as a ceremonial role or a perk for executives, and the days of the disinterested, ineffectual board member are over. Modern board governance is a far more proactive undertaking, and many organizations are taking steps to change the composition of their boards to encourage a greater diversity of thought and promote the agile leadership qualities necessary to compete in a business environment beset by disruption.

Matrice Ellis-Kirk and Thames Fulton of RSR Partners’ Board Recruiting practice recently teamed up with the firm’s exclusive assessment partner, Darleen DeRosa at OnPoint Consulting, to discuss the challenges boards face and the how the principles of agile leadership can help make boards more adaptive to evolution, diversity, and innovation.

“There is a need for more women on boards,” stated Matrice Ellis-Kirk in the blog. “There needs to be broader diversity of thinking and diversity through the lens of gender diversity.”


Thames Fulton provided the following insight: “When boards shrink in size, coupled with the low levels of director turnover, it makes diversity a challenge. The spotlight is on greater diversity, but the pace of openings is insufficient to move the needle in a short time horizon.”

“Some boards also lack the cultural diversity and are reticent to change out board members when new skills are needed,” Ellis-Kirk also pointed out.

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