How to Prevent Succession Gaps in Life Sciences

In an article published on LTEN’s website (Life Sciences Trainers & Educators Network for Pharma, Healthcare and Medical Device Training), Rebecca Holland New, Managing Director and head of RSR Partners’ Human Capital and Healthcare and Life Sciences Practices is interviewed by Darleen DeRosa, Ph.D. Together they discuss the challenges facing today’s life sciences leaders and the importance of finding C-suite successors with the “right fit.”

“Employees want to feel connected to the strategy and purpose of the company,” says Rebecca. “A leader needs to be a change agent in driving sustainable and effective organizational culture.” The article discusses how ideal leadership candidates must have “the ability to connect, adapt, and deliver, helping companies plan for long-term sustainability, optimize growth and maximize ROI with regards to products and services” and that the “primary objective of leadership succession planning should be to find these candidates.” Rebecca notes that, “savvy leaders are differentiating their skills and their business through more advanced business analytics to determine trends and opportunities to provide value to their clients and customers.”

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