Overview of Assessment

What is leadership assessment?

  • Measures career achievements and predicts future
  • Provides senior executives with crucial information for immediate selection decisions and longer-term succession management.
  • Helps to create and position a leadership team that will meet their strategic objectives and outperform their competition.
  • Provides executives with practical suggestions for their professional development

What are the key benefits of assessment for clients/executives?

  • Provides a comprehensive, objective, and competency-based evaluation assessment framework to guide in selection, succession, and other talent management initiatives.
  • For selection decisions, assessment increases the likelihood that organizations will select executives who will fit the role and culture, as well as identify individuals who have potential.

 What are the most common business drivers for assessment?

  • Selection – Find and hire the right people who will be high performers, and ensure excellent cultural fit.
  • Identification of high-potentials/succession management – Identify and develop a talent pool for succession.
  • Leadership development – Collect objective data on individuals’ strengths and opportunity areas and target group development needs to maximize return on investment (ROI).
  • Mergers and acquisitions – Create perceived and real fairness in organizational decision making through talent assessment and gather data to optimize cultural integration.
  • Private equity due diligence – Help ensure that the right team is in place to meet business objectives by providing crucial information for shorter-term decisions and longer-term business planning.

What are the benefits for RSR Partners?

  • Offer a solution that adds value to clients. High quality assessment solutions help clients make better selection decisions. Collaborating with an independent consulting firm eliminates a perceived conflict of interest and ensures objectivity.
  • Increase revenue. Historically speaking, assessment projects lead to additional searches, particularly because organizations determine that they lack bench strength in key areas.
  • Increase organizational access. Assessments lead to robust discussions with senior executives and boards of directors. These conversations build relationships where search professionals are then seen as trusted advisors. Having an additional solution to discuss with clients increases your visibility and access.
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