Entrepreneur | Just Who Has the Right Skills to Turn Uber Around?

This morning, our CEO Brett Stephens is featured by Nina Zipkin in Entrepreneur for an article about the search for Travis Kalanick’s replacement at Uber. Stephens closes out the article, and his point about the need for empathy in leadership of the company is highlighted in the subhead of the article.

In her piece, “Just Who Has the Right Skills to Turn Uber Around?”, Zipkin writes:

Brett Stephens, the CEO of executive search and leadership consulting firm RSR Partners, agrees. He says that he thinks the main trait that a successful CEO leading a turnaround must have is a capacity for empathy. 

“Uber is a perfect example of how artificial intelligence and digital disruption are quickly recalibrating the CEO’s desired skillset,” Stephens says. “These chief executives need to be experts in collaboration, engagement and human interaction. This ability to connect with others will likely be the defining leadership trait of our generation. If deployed adeptly, empathy will enable a new CEO to not only excel at reshaping the company, but also build a culture that empowers employees, strengthens the company and rewards investors.”


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