Leadership Assessment Strategic Partnership


Our clients have found this leadership assessment capability useful in the selection of candidates for senior roles, as it helps differentiate them in terms of leadership style and cultural fit.

During this assessment process, finalist candidates are assessed using online leadership questionnaires and in-depth behavioral interviewing. Feedback to the successful candidate can also help ensure a faster and more effective integration into the organization.

In particular, this capability offers:

  • Multi-dimensional and rigorous assessment processes designed for selecting CEOs, division leaders, and C-suite executives;
  • Psychometric testing and data analytics to assess leadership style, attitudes, and motives, as well as derailers;
  • In-depth personal interviews to assess leadership competencies contained in the position specification; and
  • Comprehensive deep-dive referencing to assess performance, behaviors, and leadership.

Our Difference

The following points highlight how our partnership differentiates us.

  • Integrated but independent search-related assessment capability. As will not own the data or recommendation, we will not have the same liability and risk factors that our competitors currently have.
  • Open architecture approach that provides access to all the best leadership and psychometric testing in the marketplace. Clients are not forced to use the captive diagnostics tools, but we can advise them what is best for their specific situation.
  • Customized and tailored to each client’s unique culture and objectives.
  • Designed for companies that need a transformational leader who will have significant impact on the company.
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