Michael Fitzgerald Comments on Talent Trends in Asset Management

In an article published by Ignites, Michael Fitzgerald, Managing Director in the Asset Management practice at RSR Partners, comments on recent staffing changes in the industry. “Many shops are reevaluating their corporate structures to decide where they should increase or pull back investments,” Mike said. “It’s become a thoughtful process of, do you change, realign territories, change your coverage model or leave a market that may no longer be critical.”

As some firms aggressively expand their distribution teams, others are reallocating resources to the home office, so sales people can be more “tactical and targeted” in how they spend their time. Over time, however, technology will likely have a large impact on shops’ overall head count size, according to Mike. “It’s not just about buying data from distributors or third parties, but using technology to identify, execute and deliver more effectively.”

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