New York Times | How to Bid for the N.F.L.’s Biggest Prize: Team Ownership

In the lead up to the Super Bowl this weekend, Paul Sullivan pens an excellent article in The New York Times today on N.F.L. team ownership. The article featured extensively Joe Bailey, head of our Sport Leadership Practice and former CEO of the Miami Dolphins. According to Bailey, it is important to determine the primary motivation of a buyer.

Writing in “How to Bid for the N.F.L.’s Biggest Prize: Team Ownership“, Sullivan writes:

“[Bailey] said many incentives drove bidders, including asset appreciation, a sense of civic duty, access to other owners, a legacy for heirs, or simply a love of the sport…Mr. Bailey, who runs the sports leadership practice at RSR Partners, said that if he were consulting a buyer on the purchase of the Panthers, he would determine that motivation and structure the bid accordingly.”

Click here to continue reading to see more of Bailey’s insight.

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