RSR Partners works selectively with clients who share our conviction that people are the only form of sustainable competitive advantage.
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Our Board and CEO Services team partners with CEOs and boards to understand issues, assess opportunities, and strategically advise to ensure sustainable growth strategies are optimized.
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Chief Executive Officers

The selection of a chief executive officer is one of the most vital an organization can make. RSR Partners is rooted in the philosophy that the success of an organization begins at the top.

Our firm has a history of successful assignments identifying and recruiting finding CEOs that foster innovation, creativity and integrity for the companies they lead. As an added benefit, through our Board Recruiting Practice, we have an extensive global network of top talent we can leverage and access as a resource.

Our CEO Practice is led by respected RSR Partners consultants with expertise in finding talent that not only meets our clients’ stringent requirements, but also surpasses their expectations in a leader.

What we look for in a Chief Executive Officer:

  • A transformational leader; someone who has the charisma and experience to inspire growth through their ideas.
  • A personality and value set that synchronizes with those of the client.
  • A keen understanding of business operations and a deep understanding of the real business drivers.
  • Vision: the talent and ability to lead the organization into a future of profitable growth and success.

We begin the process of evaluating and benchmarking candidates for the chief executive officer position by matching the business strategy with the appropriate skills, knowledge (competency), talent and motivation required to become the effective leader the board or ownership desires.

An effective leader is a person who is capable of achieving the strategic objectives of an enterprise in a relative short period of time and, more importantly, will sustain peak performance over the long term. The common trait of all effective leaders is a huge capacity for work, primarily driven by a passion for the endeavor.

We evaluate first for fundamentals. The effective leader has a well-formed vision of where he/she wants to go. They have persuasive abilities to get people to follow, both internally and externally. They must be self-confident enough to surround themselves with the very best people. Effective leaders understand that people are the only form of a sustainable, competitive advantage. They view their position and responsibilities as a privilege, not a right. Finally, their word is their bond. They are totally trustworthy.

Of course, the effective leader’s vision must be correct and aligned with the board or ownership. And the leader must simultaneously be an effective manager in smaller enterprises.

It is all about collective intelligence and balance. Ethical leaders, effective managers, and responsible employees will maximize the potential of any type of enterprise, public or private.