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Marketing Officers

Chief Marketing Officers are unique in the C-suite, acting as the epicenter of brand, customers, and revenue.

CMOs must be capable of collaborating with other C-Suite executives – especially finance and technology – to help devise an organization’s growth and sales strategy. CMOs conduct market research, identify target markets, and leverage business development and advertising opportunities. At the highest level, CMOs are expected to be creative and take ownership of the organization’s vision and how it identifies and differentiates itself from competitors, including how the organization portrays its culture and values. At the same time, CMOs are also responsible for the tactics relevant to the execution of the strategy, often utilizing data analytics to measure success and to innovate, calibrating or pivoting in response to trends.

With a customer-centric focus, CMOs also serve to define the customer journey through an organization’s brand and sales process. This includes utilizing AI and data analytics to transform and revolutionize commercialization methods and systems. It’s vital to be smart on social media and with public relations activities to ensure that every interaction and communication is strengthening brand loyalty. CMOs produce pathways to demonstrate an organization is engaging with and listening to key stakeholders and customers.

Across industries and whether organizations are private equity-backed, private, or public, choosing the right talent and leadership for the CMO role is critical. RSR helps clients identify and recruit agile CMOs who are:

  • Brand, public relations, and identity experts
  • Sales, revenue, and growth mindset
  • With a commericial or business development lean; customer success or customer and investor relations specialists
  • Data driven, and champions of digitization and innovation

We truly appreciate this role and the impact a great CMO can have on the success of a business. We specialize in finding modern CMOs that are strong communicators, teambuilders, and collaborators: those who have a passion for what they do.