Chief Financial Officers

The biggest challenge facing a chief financial officer today is the dual role of supporting corporate growth while managing risk. Today, chief financial officers need to provide business leadership while strengthening the entire business enterprise.


  • Are creative, credible, influential and persuasive
  • Possess a keen understanding of business operations and work in accord with the business to develop a deep understanding of the real business drivers
  • Provide the numbers and analysis that allow business leaders to optimize performance in line with corporate growth strategies
  • See themselves as the stewards of profitable growth, protecting the bottom line
  • Ensure that the rewards for new directions the company takes are commensurate with the risks
  • Are a business partner to the CEO and business unit leaders
  • Have the ability to embrace and manage change throughout the organization

Our clients range from Fortune 1000 companies to portfolio companies of private equity firms. Our network cuts a wide swath of industries, allowing us access to the best finance leaders in the marketplace.

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