Winning in today’s increasingly competitive restaurant industry requires staying ahead of trends. That often means offering healthier options, or at least ones which appear healthier. While consumers are still drawn to locally-sourced and healthy-sounding catch phrases, it is expensive to get it right.

The most important investment restaurants make, however, is in their senior leadership. As such, the consultants in the RSR Partners Restaurants Practice bring a unique approach to recruiting executives to the restaurant industry. We cast a much wider net when searching for the best talent solutions for our clients. Instead of offering them a menu from which to place their usual order, we instead ask them, “How hungry are you?”

This approach has led to a track record of success for our practice. To see how we have helped some of the nation’s leading restaurant brands tackle their most difficult talent challenges, click here.

The restaurant industry employs more than 14 million people and remains the nation’s second-largest private-sector employer. And currently, fast food and fast casual restaurants account for more than 50 percent of industry sales, whose food and drink revenue topped $700 billion in 2015. Still, with profits come great obstacles. Restaurants need to constantly innovate and improve their product offerings to remain competitive in a saturated marketplace. And the industry carries with it high levels of risk.

From fast food chains and casual eateries, to fine dining and large food and beverage corporations, we find executives who drive differentiating ideas, strengthen brands, and make a real impact in the industry. In addition, some of the hottest restaurant names today are driven by entrepreneurs, not the corporate executives the industry has known for years. By staying at the forefront of these leadership developments, we are well-versed in this new and upcoming talent pool, as well.

When a food group needs a board member, C-suite executive, or functional leader, our dynamic and out-of-the-box recruiting methodology ensures that our clients attract the next generation of restaurant leaders.

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