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Our Board and CEO Services team partners with CEOs and boards to understand issues, assess opportunities, and strategically advise to ensure sustainable growth strategies are optimized.
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Board Advisory

Today’s corporate governance landscape has never been more complex. From the rise in shareholder activism and increased public scrutiny of boards, to enhanced focus on enterprise risk management and the growing role directors play in strategy and talent management, our consultants offer extensive expertise and unique insight that enable our clients to have the strongest and most effective boards possible.

For decades, we have counseled the chairmen, chief executive officers, and nominating and governance committees of the world’s leading organizations. This experience has allowed us to help boards of directors successfully navigate the rules of the road at every turn. As such, our advisory services ensure:

  • Seamless director and CEO transitions;
  • Sustainable committee structures and processes;
  • A long-term term approach to board and management team talent development;
  • The fostering of a high-performance boardroom culture;
  • Focus on best practices and key governance trends;
  • Effectiveness of directors and strategic alignment with executive leadership; and
  • Robust governance guidelines, bylaws, and board evaluations.

Our Board Advisory Practice provides a fully-integrated suite of corporate governance advisory services to public, private, non-profit, and global sport boards of directors.


  • Board composition and future skill sets for directors
  • Director compensation
  • Bylaws relating to governance
  • Corporate governance guidelines
  • Committee structures and charters
  • Emerging governance trends


  • On-boarding process for new directors
  • Continuing director education
  • Delegation of authority documentation


  • Board effectiveness reviews
  • 360 degree peer-evaluations
  • Board and committee self-evaluations


  • Board and CEO succession planning
  • How boards oversee talent development and executive compensation
  • Board diversity

Our board advisory work keeps us on the cutting edge of today’s corporate governance dynamics. And when faced with tomorrow’s boardroom challenges, our clients rely on our Board Advisory Practice to provide the most agile, discreet, and impactful solutions.