RSR Partners works selectively with clients who share our conviction that people are the only form of sustainable competitive advantage.
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Our Board and CEO Services team partners with CEOs and boards to understand issues, assess opportunities, and strategically advise to ensure sustainable growth strategies are optimized.
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Executive Search

We partner with the Boards and CEOs of top public and private companies to find the next generation of leaders. We believe a successful search comes from the alignment of three critical components:

Experience: We understand what it takes to lead. Founded by one of the pioneering figures of the executive search industry, our own leadership team possesses an average of 27 years of search experience. We recognize competency and know-how when we see it.

Character: It takes more than basic knowledge to champion a team. We work with our clients to understand not only their unique company culture, but also what particular traits they’re looking for in a candidate that would integrate seamlessly into their organization and make the whole team shine.

Ambition: In a world where the only certainty is change, we pride ourselves on consistently identifying talent that is eager to embrace challenges and transform them into opportunities for growth. Our candidates are innovators and trailblazers, ready to roll up their sleeves and do whatever it takes to move companies forward.

Our search methodology is both rigorous and comprehensive. We use a proprietary candidate assessment model to single out qualified executives who are intelligent, assiduous, and empathetic.