Trends in the C-Suite & The Role of Marketing

In recent years, the C-Suite landscape has experienced significant shifts, driven by macro trends, market dynamics, and technological advancements. As organizations navigate the post-COVID recovery phase, executives are reevaluating their strategies and priorities. In this article, we’ll explore key trends in marketing and digital leadership within the C-Suite.

1. Survival Mode

During the pandemic, organizations focused on survival. The primary concern was employee safety and maintaining business continuity. Executive searches slowed down, with a notable emphasis on CFO roles. Financial stability became paramount, and CFOs played a critical role in steering companies through uncertainty.

2. Stabilization and Profitability

As the market stabilized and supply chains realigned, companies regained profitability. However, this phase was just a stepping stone. Organizations needed to transition from survival mode to growth mode. As companies move to the next stage of growth, It is critical to have the right talent and leadership in place.  

3. The Role of Marketing

Digital marketing, once put on hold, is now back in the spotlight. Organizations recognize the need to leverage data, technology, and consumer insights to drive growth. Marketing leaders are at the forefront especially during this age of generative AI, pulling together data-driven strategies and customer-centric approaches.

4. The Multi-Disciplinary Marketing Executive

Today’s CMOs must wear multiple hats. They combine full-funnel marketing expertise with performance marketing skills. Additionally, they are commercially oriented, focusing on the consumer experience and the brand of the organization and its products and services. Agility, innovation, and data literacy are essential traits.

5. Owning the P&L

Perhaps the most significant shift is the expectation for marketing leaders to own a profit and loss (P&L) statement. This change aligns marketing with overall business operations, elevating the CMO’s role within the C-Suite.


In the ever-evolving C-Suite landscape, marketing and digital trends play a pivotal role. As organizations seek growth, they rely on agile, consumer-centric executives who understand both data and business operations.

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Kimberly Melcer is Head of the Marketing & Digitial practice at RSR Partners. She specializes in recruiting across all C-Suite level positions in the AdTech, MarTech, Digital, and Marketing industries at start-ups, privately held, and public organizations.

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