Expect 2024 to Reveal Who is Ready to Lead

Dear Clients and Friends,

2023 was a dynamic and transformative year across the corporate landscape, and so far, we expect this trend to continue in 2024. Leadership in the boardroom and C-Suite has never been more indispensable. From our beginnings as a boutique board advisory firm, to our evolution into a “boardroom-centric” search firm, we are incredibly proud to work with so many companies that believe that great leadership is a competitive advantage, and with candidates who have a genuine and positive impact on the world around them.

One of the ways we celebrate great leadership is with the Russell S. Reynolds, Jr. Chair of the Year Award. The Chair of the Year Award was established in 2023 to celebrate the legacy of Russ Reynolds, an icon of the executive search and board recruiting industry. The award recognizes a Chair who successfully led a Board of Directors through significant business or governance challenges. As featured in Fortune magazine, the inaugural award was presented to Sarah Nash, Chair of Bath & Body Works, at our annual Directors Dinner in New York in October. We were delighted to recognize Sarah’s extraordinary leadership and character. We hope that many of you will nominate a Chair for the award this year and join us at our Directors Dinner in October.

Our Board practice continues to anchor the firm’s activities and provide enhanced insights and connectivity to assist our executive searches across our core practice areas (Asset ManagementConsumer, and Industrial Technology). Our collaborative approach – a hallmark of our firm – helped bring to light some of the trends we expect to be explored by boards and C-Suite leadership teams in 2024:

We look forward to continuing to assist our clients with their most important, complex, and sensitive leadership and governance concerns in 2024. We believe that RSR Partners is uniquely situated in the industry to provide unparalleled access and insight into top-performing business leaders. In addition to our board recruiting capabilities, we offer our clients a broad set of other Board and CEO services. Should you have any important board or C-Suite leadership needs in the coming year, we would be delighted to share our capabilities and expertise to help you. More importantly, we look forward to our continued friendship with you all. 

With gratitude,

Barrett J. Stephens
Chief Executive Officer
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Sarah E. Nash Receives Inaugural Russell S. Reynolds, Jr. Chair of the Year Award

Greenwich, Conn., October 26, 2023 RSR Partners, a leading board and executive search firm, presented the inaugural Russell S. Reynolds, Jr. Chair of the Year Award to Sarah E. Nash, Chair of the board of Bath & Body Works. The award was presented to Sarah at the firm’s annual Directors Dinner in New York City on October 25, 2023.

The Chair of the Year Award was established to celebrate the legacy of one of the search industry’s greatest leaders and icons, Russ Reynolds, who has spent more than 50 years advising boards and CEOs on leadership. The award recognizes a Chair who successfully led a public company Board of Directors through significant business or governance challenges. The winner of this year’s award was chosen from more than 30 nominations by an independent selection committee comprised of renowned experts in their fields, including Mikaela Boyd, Nik Deogun, Ed Kangas, Kim Lew, Christie Smith, and Brett Stephens.

“Sarah led the Bath & Body Works board through an incredible governance and business transformation,” said Kim Lew, a member of the selection committee. “Her accomplishments include leading the spin-off of Victoria’s Secret; collaborating with the nominating and governance committee on the recruitment of exceptional and highly diverse talent to the board of Bath & Body Works and the new board of Victoria’s Secret; navigating a successful CEO transition and selection process; and building a constructive path forward after an activist campaign. The leadership and integrity exhibited by Sarah is an example of how important board leadership is during times of turbulence. She is very worthy of this award.”

“This award recognizes Sarah’s extraordinary leadership, dedication and service to Bath & Body Works over the past few years,” said Steve Steinour, Chair of the Bath & Body Works Audit Committee. “Sarah served as Bath & Body Works’ Interim CEO with very short notice, where she played a pivotal role in the company’s transformation with its spin-off of Victoria’s Secret. During her tenure, Sarah has exemplified strong business acumen including leading a successful shareholder derivative settlement and navigating a complex supply chain reset with partners. She has exemplary people management skills such as overseeing multiple chief executive officer transitions, recruitment efforts for eight board members, and leading the company during the onset of COVID. We are grateful for her contributions and leadership since her assumption of the role of chair in May 2020.”   

“I’m incredibly proud of my fellow directors and the leadership team at Bath & Body Works,” stated Sarah. “They have shown irrefutable dedication to the vision we all share for this company. Their input and support throughout this past year was invaluable, and we have much to look forward to. I am also grateful to be recognized by an award that pays tribute to Russ, his legacy, and his impact on how board leadership is viewed and valued.”

“Sarah’s terrific,” commented Russ. “She possesses the characteristics of a great leader. She is objective, open to advice, decisive, and a good communicator. She operates with integrity and puts the company’s and others’ needs ahead of her own. I also started my career at JP Morgan, so I was particularly thrilled to see we share a fondness for finance and banking. I look forward to seeing how Sarah develops as a board leader and continuing to celebrate her achievements.”

About Russell S. Reynolds, Jr.

Russell S. Reynolds, Jr. (“Russ”) is an American business executive, author, and founder of two of the search industry’s most prominent firms. Considered one of the pioneers of the executive search and board recruiting profession, Russ has counseled the boards and CEOs of many of the world’s leading companies over the past 50 years. In 1969, he founded Russell Reynolds Associates, which soon became one of the world’s foremost international executive recruiting firms. Russ sold his interest in the firm in 1993. In 1994, Russ founded the Directorship Group, later named RSR Partners, where he served as Founder and Chairman until 2022.

About Sarah E. Nash

Sarah E. Nash has served as Chair of the board of Bath & Body Works, Inc. since January 28, 2023. She served as Executive Chair of Bath & Body Works, Inc. from February 2022 to January 2023 and as the Interim Chief Executive Officer from May to November 2022. Prior to being appointed Executive Chair, she served as Chair of the board between May 2020 and February 2022 after having joined the board as an independent director in May 2019. Sarah is also Chief Executive Officer and owner of privately held Novagard Solutions, an innovator and manufacturer of silicone sealants and coatings and hybrid and foam solutions for the Building Systems, Electronics, EV and Battery and Industrial and Transportation markets.

Sarah spent nearly 30 years in investment banking at JPMorgan Chase & Co. (and predecessor companies), a financial services firm, retiring as Vice Chairman of Global Investment Banking in July 2005. She served on the board of directors of Knoll, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of lifestyle and workplace furnishing, textiles and fine leathers, from 2006 through its acquisition by Herman Miller, Inc. in 2021 and privately held Irving Oil Company through March 2022.

Sarah currently serves on the boards of directors of Blackbaud, Inc., a software company providing technology solutions for the not-for-profit industry, and privately held HBD Industries, Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of general purpose and application-engineered industrial products. Sarah is Trustee of the New York-Presbyterian Hospital, a member of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI), Panama and the Chair of the International Advisory Board of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. She also served as a member of the National Board of the Smithsonian Institution through 2022. Sarah holds a BA in political science from Vassar College.

About the Chair of the Year Award

RSR Partners announced the establishment of the Russell S. Reynolds, Jr. Chair of the Year Award in October of 2022. The award will annually recognize the Chair of a public company’s Board of Directors that has successfully led the board through significant business or governance challenges. The award celebrates the legacy of Russell S. Reynolds, Jr. (“Russ”), who has spent more than 50 years advising boards and CEOs on leadership and governance.

To be eligible for the award, a nominee must serve as a Chair of a board of directors at a U.S. public company with revenue or market cap greater than $1 billion. The nomination period takes place from August through September. The winner of the award will be chosen by an independent committee comprised of renowned experts in the areas of strategy, finance, strategic communications, shareholder activism defense, investment management, human capital consulting, and corporate governance. This year’s committee included:

More information about the award can be found at: www.chairoftheyearaward.com.


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The Evolving Boardroom: Finding the Right Diverse Candidates

A continual challenge we have helped our clients address over the years is how best to populate boards with diverse directors. In fact, 86% of all of our board placements over the past two years have either been gender or ethnically diverse. Data shows that diverse boards with the right combination of relevant skills and experience outperform more homogenous ones. As such, boards often overlay their diversity objectives on top of the more traditional objectives, such as requiring that the director possess the relevant skills, experiences, perspectives, and judgment needed to be successful. Achieving all these objectives simultaneously can often prove difficult and is a short-term solution that, if not managed correctly, can have a devasting impact on board performance in the long-term. Instead, identifying and cultivating relationships with potential candidates that may not be ready to join a board in the immediate term, but have the potential to serve in several years, can increase a board’s ability to achieve these objectives, ensure culture, and remain viable for many years to come. Yet, it requires discipline and a commitment to a strategic, long-term vision.

Varying Viewpoints on Diversity

As a starting place, it is helpful for directors to ascertain what they should take into account when considering how to add diversity to their ranks. A common request from boards is to find the “best candidate,” which often means the candidate that checks all the boxes at the same time – diversity and the specific skills and experiences needed – even if there is a paucity of that candidate type in their target companies and industries. Boards can broaden their definition of diversity by considering and understanding the culture and effectiveness of the current board. In addition, diversity should also reflect the board’s customers, employees, and communities. Best practice is for boards to consider what the “best candidate” is right now and also give significant thought to what the “best candidate” is in the future – for the board and the organization. Perhaps one of the criteria that seems critical right now can be postponed until another board seat becomes available. Lastly, some directors harbor concerns that they won’t have a place under a more DEI-focused paradigm, especially those with socially advantaged identities. This can create additional hurdles, however, exploring the data that demonstrates that diversity of identity leads to diversity of thought, and in turn leads to productive discussions and better outcomes, can help expand viewpoints on the importance of diversity in the boardroom.

Board Diversity and Results

According to ISS, there has been continued improvement in racial and ethnic board diversity. Approximately 86% of Russell 3000 Index companies, excluding the S&P 500, and 99% of S&P 500 companies have at least one racially/ethnically diverse board member. Additionally, nearly all industry sectors showed increased racial/ethnic board diversity year-over-year.

A new study from KPMG specifically referencing African Americans (AA) on boards states while they are still underrepresented in the boardrooms of public Fortune 1000 companies, there has been a significant increase in the proportion of these companies with at least one AA in the boardroom. Just over three-quarters (76%) of the companies studied had at least one AA director as of September 2022, compared to only 61% in 2020. However, it is still uncommon for public F1000 companies to have multiple AA directors; less than a quarter (22%) of these companies had more than one AA serving on their board. Larger companies are likely to have more AA directors than smaller companies. For the first time, all of the largest US public companies on the F100 list have at least one AA director. In fact, nearly one in ten (9%) of these companies have three or more AA on the board.

Age diversity is another factor to consider. In 2021, BoardReady released a report showing companies whose median director age was 55 or less had 10.1% YoY revenue growth compared to companies whose median director age was 65 or more which had -7.7% YoY revenue growth. That same report showed companies with over 30% of board seats held by women outperformed their less gender-diverse counterparts in 11 out of the top 15 S&P500 sectors. In addition, companies should look at geographic diversity as well as global experience.

2023 Diversity Voting Policies

ISS and Glass Lewis will generally recommend a vote against the nominating committee chair unless the following guidelines are met:

Universal Proxy Card

With the UPC, shareholders will have a greater say on the board’s composition as they can more readily compare the board’s nominees with the activist slate and focus on existing director performance, skills, experience, and diversity gaps. See this link to an RSR article on the UPC.

Succession Planning Process

There are multiple ways to address a lack of diversity in the boardroom, but all of them require continuous attention – a board should not stop seeking diversity once they have achieved their immediate “target.” Ideally, boards should seek to surpass the minimum requirement and help set the stage for the future, both within their own organization and to be a leader in the industry. Some possible approaches to improve boardroom diversity include:

How RSR Can Help with Director Searches

Our Board and CEO Services team partners with CEOs and boards to understand issues, assess opportunities, and strategically advise to ensure sustainable growth strategies are optimized. We continue to complete diversity assignments for a wide variety of companies, from small private family companies to Fortune 500s. Again, in 2021 and 2022, 86% of our board placements were either gender and/or ethnically diverse. We are proud to play a role in this important imperative, and excited for our clients who are making progress in diversity.

Our team leverages RSR Partners’ renowned experience in corporate governance with our industry and human capital consulting expertise to locate the best candidates. RSR Partners can assist your board with:

We would love to hear your perspective on the evolution of board diversity and assist you in achieving your board’s diversity goals. 

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Greg Lau leads RSR’s Board Advisory practice, Carter Burgess leads the Board Recruiting practice, and Eric Douglas Keene is a Managing Director in the firm’s Board & CEO Services practice at RSR Partners.

RSR Partners is a boutique professional services firm headquartered in Greenwich, CT, that specializes in helping Boards and CEOs with their most critical recruiting, selection, and succession needs. The firm was founded in 1994 by industry icon, Russell S. Reynolds, Jr. The firm has conducted thousands of projects for Boards and CEOs at public, private equity backed, and family-owned businesses across a range of industries including asset management, consumer goods and services, industrial, technology, and healthcare. To learn more about RSR Partners, click here.

Top 3 Things Leaders Need to Consider for Digital Transformation

Over the past few years, digital transformation has dramatically impacted the business landscape. This evolution is only intensifying in terms of need and speed – especially as we enter the age of AI. As organizations and leadership teams pivot to learn and adapt, the difference between success and failure may be determined by whether organizations are market leaders or market followers. It’s therefore critical to be ready for how digital transformation may impact your business, and even more crucial to be sure your team can embrace and leverage digitalization when the opportunities arise.

How can organizations and leaders determine that their teams are ready?

Human capital is critical. First, the right leadership team should be in place to gain the trust and buy in of the employees, stakeholders, and customers. Next, consider whether you have the right talent and resources to implement the transformation. Finally, consider the need to create and sustain the “new” culture through scaling the business.

1) Is your leadership team ready?

In speaking with organizations about their leadership needs, we often hear that they need to hire an executive to strategize and execute a digital transformation. Since digital transformation often requires coordination across functions, it can be a challenge for a new executive to gain the buy-in necessary to achieve their goals.

Additionally, what problems are you trying to solve? In today’s customer-centric environment, it is critical to listen to the needs of your customer. Be sure you can explain the transformation and why it benefits the customer, and how it will enhance the customer experience and brand loyalty.

2) Does your organization have the talent and the resources?

When answering this question, it is critical to consider two factors – financial capital and human capital. With financial capital, it’s vital to fully assess the current state of the business, devise a plan including a timeline, budget, and resources. Is this achievable? What needs to change or shift?

It may also be a good time to assess the talent that will be on the front lines of the transformation and whether they are open and excited about being a change agent. Do they have the skills required to understand whatever is required of your digital transformation- whether it’s an appreciation of data analytics, cloud computing, SaaS platforms, AI, software development, and cyber security skills.

3) Can your culture sustain the digital transformation?

There must be an environment of trust and transparency built into the culture as well a more agile and innovation mindset and if not, the digital transformation will not be sustainable. If this is an issue you face, identify what resources you need to help shift the culture and get buy-in both internally and externally.

Additionally, consider if your organization has the resources to scale and grow. Digital transformation will bring efficiencies, speed to market, cost savings, and growth. The key is to plan for the growth and appropriately resource for the growth both from a financial and human capital perspective.

Too often an organization is led through the transformation and the infrastructure of the organization cannot handle the change and rapid growth. The organization ultimately decides to go back to their legacy business model. Unfortunately, this is not fair to the executives, the employees, and certainly does not reflect well for the organization in the marketplace and with their customers.

As these digital times continue to evolve, your organization should, too.

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Kimberly Melcer leads the firm’s Marketing & Digital practice. She specializes in identifying leaders with digital transformation capabilities across the C-Suite, and especially within the marketing function. She works with start-ups, privately held, and public organizations. She has extensive experience within the AdTech, MarTech, and broader consumer and marketing services industries.

RSR Partners is a boutique professional services firm headquartered in Greenwich, CT, that specializes in helping Boards and CEOs with their most critical recruiting, selection, and succession needs. The firm was founded in 1994 by industry icon, Russell S. Reynolds, Jr. The firm has conducted thousands of projects for Boards and CEOs at public, private equity backed, and family-owned businesses across a range of industries including asset management, consumer goods and services, industrial, technology, and healthcare. To learn more about RSR Partners, click here.